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Lakmé Micellar Pure Facewash for Deep Pore Cleanse 100ml - "Get upto 2X deep pore cleanse in just a single wash with the new Lakme Micellar Pure Facewash! It has magnetic micelles that go upto 2X deep inside the skin and attract impurities like a magnet to clean skin from deep within. It effortlessly yet gently removes dirt, pollutants and even everyday makeup, making it a fashionista's first step in her morning as well as night routine for a deeply cleansed skin.


Lakmé Bi-Phasic Remover for Makeup Removal 200 ml - "Melt away long lasting, waterproof makeup effortlessly with the new Lakme Bi-phasic Remover. Powered by Miceller technology, this 2 phase formulation of oil in water instantly removes waterproof, long lasting makeup and leaves skin feeling hydrated. Oil lifts all kinds of makeup lip, face and eye and water makes sure skin is refreshed with no greasy afterfeel. It has magnetic micelles that go deep inside the pores and pull out makeup, dirt and pollutants like a magnet, gently cleansing skin not just from the surface but from deep within. 92% users who tried it say that it is effective at removing lip and eye makeup effectively in a single swipe

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