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Lakmé Absolute Airbrush Concealer. This concealer that secret addition to your makeup routine that will take your glam game from flaw to flawless with an instant twist!

Airbrush concealer is a new-age beauty tool that applies concealer makeup in a whole new way. Unlike regular face concealer, which you apply with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge, an airbrush face concealer is a concealer in pen.

From last minute touchups to jaw-dropping glam looks, from get togethers to red carpet look- this airbrush concealer pen keeps up with you and your glamourous lifestyle.

Twist to unlock its velvety texture that glides like magic on your skin, effortlessly blending to create a flawless finish. The newest addition to your glam squad and every diva’s holy grail; this airbrush concealer

erases stubborn dark circles,

removes signs of exhaustion and 

enhances overall complexion.

Twist and dab for a flawless airbrushed, paparazzi-ready glam!

  • Seamless Blending: One of the standout features of airbrush concealer is its ability to blend seamlessly into your skin. The precision pen ensures that there are no visible lines or patches of concealer makeup. It becomes a part of your skin, making your imperfections disappear without a trace. 

  • Lightweight Application: Traditional face concealer can sometimes feel heavy and cakey on your skin. Airbrush concealer, on the other hand, feels incredibly lightweight. It's like a breath of fresh air for your skin. You won't even know it's there.  

  • Long-lasting Coverage: Airbrush concealer often boasts impressive longevity. Once applied, it tends to stay put for hours, keeping your flawless look intact throughout the day. 

With an ever-so-lightweight formula you can pair it with your favorite foundation or wear it alone for a soft glam, airbrushed glow. Unleash your inner Diva with any of the 6 gorgeous ultra blendable shades that matches your skin. .

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