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Let your eyes talk and trend with 9 intensely pigmented shades to choose from. Blues, pinks, silvers, or golds, these vibrant shades have a smooth, luxe texture that makes them super light and comfortable to wear. You can do it all with this versatile eyeshadow stick! Run the stick along your lash line to use it as a liner or apply it directly onto your lid and blend it out to give it that gorgeous eyeshadow feel. If you’re feeling extra glamorous, just have fun with it: use multiple sticks to unleash your inner artistry and create fun looks. No matter the day, no matter the mood- with Lakmé Absolute Explore Eyeshadow sticks, there’s always a look that suits your groove!"

The Lakmé Absolute Explore Eyeshadow Sticks are perfect to create smokey eye makeup looks. These innovative eyeshadow sticks offer both convenience and portability, fitting perfectly into your pocket or bag. Whether you're a makeup novice or a pro, these eyeshadow sticks deliver a mess-free application with their effortless glide. With a choice of 9 intensely pigmented shades, including vibrant blues, pinks, silvers, and golds, you have the versatility to create a multitude of captivating looks. The sticks feature a luxurious, lightweight texture that ensures comfortable wear all day long. 

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don't be discouraged if your first attempt isn't flawless; with time, you'll refine your technique and create smokey eyes that truly captivate. 


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